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An early medieval fort in Sopot located on ul. Haffner, about 400 meters from the sea. The remains which were discovered by archaeologists are thought to be from a fort that stood here from the eighth to tenth century. This is unquestionably the oldest monument in Sopot. Surrounded by the Grodowy and Kamienny streams, the fort is located on a wooden hill, on the peak of which is a castle courtyard measuring 45m x 49.5m.

About 0,2 km from IOPAS.

Pier (molo) Sopot

Europe's longest wooden pier juts into the sea to a length of over 511m. Construction began in the early XIX century and is today the city’s most recognizable landmark acting as a magnet for tourists.

About 1 km from IOPAS.


The most famous pedestrian street in Poland , runs for 600m through the middle of Sopot straight to the pier. On either side of the street you’ll find picturesque townhouses, galleries, bars and cafes and during the summer it turns into a colourful stream of tourists who’ve fallen in love with Sopot.

About 1 km from IOPAS.


The attractions on offer at Aquapark Sopot have been designed with visitors of all ages in mind. The main area of the complex is taken up by pools of various shapes, sizes and depths connected to each other via channels and bridges which allow you to move freely through the entire pool area.

About 1,2 km from IOPAS.


The Forest Opera, a covered amphitheatre found in the forest close to the centre of Sopot, offers some of the finest acoustics for a facility of its kind anywhere in Europe and plays host to renowned classical and popular music stars whose concerts entertain thousands of music lovers every year.

About 2,5 km from IOPAS.

The Sopot Hippodrome is one of three places of its type in Poland. An excellent racetrack and picturesque location, in close proximity to wooded hills and the Bay of Gdansk, place it high in the rankings of comparable venues. The Sopot Hippodrome hosts the prestigious International Show Jumping Competition CSIO and is also equipped to host spectacular Eventing competitions.

About 3 km from IOPAS.

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