The Staff

Ksenia_Pazdro Assoc. Prof. Tymon Zieliński,
prof. nadzw. IO PAN
kierownik pracowni
 dr Paulina Pakszys
Tomasz Kijewski Ph.D. Tomasz Kijewski
 M. Sc. Eng. Ewa Piechowska,
Ph.D. fellow


       In compliance with the philosophy behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in our research, we propose a holistic approach to the description of phenomena that occur within the natural environment, with a special focus on the role of the ocean-atmosphere system, in the creation and modification of climatic processes. Additionally, we study the impact of climatic changes on the natural environment, including impact on humans.
       We realize that humans play a key role in climate change. Therefore, it is our mission to spread information about the environmental changes and to educate society on these processes and peoples’ roles in them. We believe that we need to communicate to society, about how to mitigate these changes and what actions should be undertaken in order to adapt to the changing environment. Therefore, our team is involved in the organization of educational and communication based events, which aim at promoting the awareness and knowledge of the changing environment.


       In our research we cooperate with a number of international institutions, including: Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences, NASA, Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam, universities in Milan and Florence, ISAC/CNR in Bologna, among others.
       In our dissemination and educational endeavors we cooperate with such partners as Sopot Science Association, Experyment Science Center in Gdynia, EurOcean, European Marine Board Communication Panel or National Oceanography Center in Southampton.