• Data from the research buoy

  • On 7th November 2017 the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences deployed an oceanographic research buoy in the Słupsk Channel. The deployment was carred from the board of the IO PAN research vessel r/v Oceania.

    Buoy is a component of the Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure built by IO PAN as a part of the Argo Poland program. Obtaining and equipping of the buoy was possible thanks to cooperation with the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute and the University of Gdańsk.

    The buoy (OCEANOR type) transmits oceanographic and meteorological data via a satellite Iridium system.

    On 7th February 2018 the research buoy was pulled out, then re-deployed in the same place on 5th May 2019.


  • Lat = 55 deg 12.73' N
  • Long = 16 deg 41.46' E
  • Depth = 74 m
  • ADCP depth = 70 m
  • lower SBE37 depth = 71 m
  • upper SBE37 depth = 2.7 m
  • buoy1 buoy2

     Photo: Jakub Zdroik

    Temperature, salinity and water density obtained from CTD instruments deployed on the buoy


    Near-bottom currents derrived from ADCP mounted above the buoy anker