27-28th November 2018, Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot

About project

"Societal relevance of Polar Research" was a two day mini-conference (27-28th November 2018) held in the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot.

Aim of the meeting was to discuss in the mixed group of natural scientists, sociologists, psychologists and representatives of humanities (authors, journalists, filmmakers, educators) the questions:

Are the Polar Research present and important in the public discourse?

Is it so, that interest in adventurous and exotic character of polar research brings people closer to be interested in the climate and nature protection?

What are the key drivers and reasons that create public and political support for the Polar Research in Europe?

There were 33 participants from Poland, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia and Netherlands (see the participants list) who presented eighteen oral contributions (see the program below). Important addition to the presentations was an exhibit of illustrations to Inuit legends by Czech’s artist Martin Velíšek The Conference organisers were: Michał Łuszczuk (political sciences, University of Maria Curie Skłodowska in Lublin) and Jan Marcin Węsławski (marine sciences, Institute of Oceanology PAN, Sopot), aided by session chairs Tymon Zieliński (marine physics, IO PAN) and Magda Łącka (paloeooceanography, IO PAN. Conference was supported by Polar Studies Center KNOW, and Foreign Ministry in Poland, as well as International Arcitc Sciences Committee (IASC), it was also endorsed by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

See the photos from the meeting at: https://www.iopan.pl/Albumy/konf27112018/ and https://www.iopan.pl/Albumy/konf27112018-2/. We want to keep the dialogue that started during the meeting, turn it to the grant/project proposal and a peer reviewed paper.