NaGISA - Institute of Oceanology PAS

The Natural Geography In Shore Areas (NaGISA) project is one of seven initial field projects of the Census of Marine Life (CoML). It is a collaborative effort aimed at inventorying and monitoring the biodiversity in the narrow inshore zone of the world's oceans at depths of less than 20m. The Japanese word nagisa refers to the narrow coastal zone where the land meets the sea.

NaGISA will complete an equatorial transect from the east coast of Africa to the Palmyra Atoll and a longitudinal transect from the northern coast of Alaska to Antarcticas McMurdo Sound. Institute of Oceanology PAS will be responsible for sampling two european sites: the Puck Bay (a shallow bay off the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea) and Hornsund (a fiord off west Spistbergen coast)

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