5th International Symposium on the Advances in Marine Mussel Research

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International Symposium on Advances in Marine Mussel Research are pleased to invite delegates to the 5th edition of the International Symposium on Advances in Marine Mussel Research (AMMR2024), from 18-21 September. Following on from the great success of AMMR2016 in Vigo (Spain), AMMR2017 in Sete (France), AMMR2019 in Chioggia (Italy), and AMMR2022 in Exeter (United Kingdom), this multidisciplinary, international meeting will take place in a beautiful town of Sopot at the Gulf of GdaƄsk, overlooking the Baltic Sea.

This edition will be hosted by Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences gratiously sponsoring the event.

AMMR2024 offers a 3 day meeting that will celebrate the latest in marine mussel (Mytilus sp.) research. AMMR want this to be a truly interdisciplinary, cosmopolitan meeting, spanning sub-cellular and molecular to whole ecosystem function, encompassing fundamental blue-skies to entirely commercial research, stretching from the sub-littoral to the high inter-tidal. Just like the spread of these incredible bivalves, AMMR would also love to welcome researchers from across the globe. Previous iterations of AMMR have covered incredible research on evolutionary biology, ecology, ecotoxicology and climate change, as well as the role of mussels within aquaculture. This edition will have a special session devoted to mussel genetics, with the emphasis on mitochondrial inheritance system and transmissible cancer.

Preliminary timetable