Web pages of scientific projects

Acces - De-icing of Arctic Coasts: Critical or new opportunities for marine biodiversity and Ecosystem Services?
Adamant - Arctic benthic ecosystems under change: the impact of deglaciation and boreal species transportation by macroplastic
AMMOTRACe - Marine AMMunitiOn dump site exploration by surface- and underwater-based laser mass spectrometric TRACing technology
Arctic Actiniaria - West Spitsbergen sea anemones
Arctic SGD - Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Changing Arctic: Scale and Biogeochemical Impact
ARGO Poland
ATBI - Arctic, All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory, Hornsund
AWAKE - Arctic Climate and Environment of the Nordic Seas and the Svalbard - Greenland Area
AWAKE-2 - Arctic Climate System Study of Ocean, Sea Ice and Glaciers Interactions in Svalbard Area
Baltic Sea2Land
Recent Baltic data
Pacific Arctic Benthic Species - Distributed Biological Observatory
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: BIODAFF
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: EMBS - Bay of Puck
European Marine Biodiversity Sites: Pierwszy Morski Rezerwat w Polsce
Polski Polarny Program Badawczy 2005-2006 "BIOSPHERE"
Atlas of Arctic Bryozoa
Coupled Ecosystem Model of Baltic Sea - 3D CEMBS
Development of sat. method for Baltic ecosys. monitoring - DESAMBEM
DOMUSe - Microbial Dissolved Organic Matter utilisation at the near-sediment waters in the Baltic Sea Deeps
DWINS Interannual variability of properties and distribution of deep and intermediate water in the Nordic Seas
Erovmus - Enhanced Remote Operated Vehicle Interface for Munition Studies
Face to face
FindFISH Knowledge transfer platform
GAME: Growing of the Arctic Marine Ecosystem
GLAERE - Glaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugia
Central Atlantic Ridge - IO PAN materials for the report
Habitat Mapping: Project web site
Habitat Mapping: Data base
Habitat Mapping: Bay of Puck - Photographic Atlas
Habitat Mapping: GIS data from Habitat Mapping project
IDEAL: Investigation of seasonal variability of the water column and sediment denitrification and anammox in the BaLtic Sea
IMBIO Integracja i mobilizacja danych o różnorodności biotycznej Eukaryota w zasobach polskich instytucji naukowych
Intaros Integrated Arctic Observation System
Kelp Associated Fauna In Arctic Fiord (fieldwork report)
Key coastal points
Kobiecy Obraz Morza (competition and exhibition of works)
Land-Sea-Act - Land-sea interactions advancing Blue Growth in Baltic Sea coastal areas
Larwood Symposium
MARBEFES - MARine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning leading to Ecosystem Services
Marine Night - Mare Incognitum
Kongsfjord Mollusca Species Gallery
Nauka Obywatelska - Citizen Science
Nauka Obywatelska: Akademia Smętowska – "Woda w naszym otoczeniu"
Numeryczny Model Morza Bałtyckiego
Małżoraczki Antarktyczne (Ostracoda)
Młodzi w Paleontologii
Polar Time-Lapse
Arctic Polychaeta
ProBaNNt - Professional intelligent munitions assessment using 3D reconstructions and Bayesian Neural Networks
SatBałtyk - Satelitarna Kontrola Środowiska Morza Bałtyckiego
SBI (Shelf-Basin Interactions Project)
Polish Academy of Science – Academia Sinica Research Forum in Ecology and Evolution 2022
SIP (Svalbard Intertidal Project)
Sipuncula - the peanut worms
Societal relevance of Polar Research
Visual companion to Svalbard fjords
Zostera Sea grass reconstruction and monitoring project in Puck Bay